Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Torontonian shines on home turf in Rookie Blue

From strength to strength. Ameri-Canadian actor and native Torontonian Gregory Smith, has found success again. He has twice now landed roles as an angst-ridden Jewish youth. Smith is probably still best known by many for playing Ephram Brown for four seasons on the WB’s critically acclaimed series Everwood. He co-starred alongside Treat Williams and fellow Canadian - also now an ABC network alum from Brothers and Sisters - Emily VanCamp of Port Perry, ON. Smith returned to TV on June 24th with another Jewish character: Dov Epstein in Rookie Blue.

Rookie Blue, which airs Thursday nights at 9 EST on both ABC and Global, is filmed in Toronto and stars five Canadian actors in the roles of rookie police officers working the inner streets of Canada’s biggest city. Smith’s character is described as a “young Jewish hipster cop” and asthma-prone adrenaline junkie who idolized Starsky and Hutch as a kid – to the disapproval of his hippie parents.

Just announced yesterday after airing only 3 of its first season's 13 episode order, the show has delivered record breaking numbers to the letter network. The highest numbers from its summer premiere schedule in the last six years. 7 million viewers have tuned in thus far and an additional 2 million or so from Canada. The show has been green lit for a second season which will resume later this year once the first season has wrapped.

Smith has a knack for playing off against top talent who are quite appealing to watch. For the purpose of the press junkets, the fantastic chemistry he elicits from his co-stars can be seen from the interviews he gives, alongside yet another fellow Canadian Missy Peregrym. Peregrym who is also a WB/CW alum was previously seen in the series Reaper which ended a two season run last year and before that was the shape shifting agent Candice of "The Company" in the first season of NBC's one time hit Heroes.

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