Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Makom makes the Slingshot cut

Courtesy of a posting found on the sixth annual edition of Slingshot: A Resource Guide for Jewish Innovation, has been released. The guide features 50 inspirational organizations in Jewish life found in North America. Some of the major highlights of the release focus on:

A cautiously optimistic Jewish innovation sector, a number of organizations have stabilized in today's economic environment via philanthropic support as well as mergers and strategic alliances; though many organizations that have been around for five years or more are struggling to find further support for growth.

In past editions, the guide focused on inspirational Jewish leaders, especially among the next generation of professionals. This year, the attention is given more to the organization’s missions and activities. Still believing in the importance of entrepreneurs, founders and leaders, recognition is being given collectively to the community within the organization in that all are responsible for ensuring its success.

Words from the post to live by: "Individualism may abound, in fact, may be the catalyst for change, but the community must share the responsibility for its own success."

According to Will Schneider, the director of Slingshot, in company with this year's most notable 50 was Makom. That's right Shmooze readers, Makom, the grassroots, downtown community, building traditional and progressive Jewish life in Toronto. Like its contemporaries JUMP, The House and the Annex Shul, Makom creates an inclusive and diverse space, committed to Jewish learning, arts and culture, spirited prayer and ritual, and social and environmental activism.

Members of Makom meet every-other week at The Kiever Shul (25 Bellevue Avenue, Toronto) to welcome Shabbat with soulful and song-filled Friday night services. Both men and women participate in leading services. All are invited and children are welcome. You can walk in as you are. That is to say, no need to dress up and jeans are acceptable. If you would like to check them out on a Friday night, a minyan of 10 women + 10 men to start the ma’ariv service is required, so they ask that you please come on time.

To see which other organizations made the list just click here.

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