Thursday, November 18, 2010

Couple Wants to Bring Jewish Warmth to Canadian Cold

By Reuvena Leah Grodnitzky

One of the first Chabad-Lubavitch centers to be established in the coming year might soon be known as a “Little (Jewish) House on the Prairie,” its location so remote that it would take nine hours to cross its region by car.

Nevertheless, Raphael and Sarah Kats are approaching their impending move and establishment of the first-ever Chabad House in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan with excitement. They point out that the Midwestern region has both a lengthy Jewish history and a bright future: Because of its vast natural resources, it’s the fastest growing province in Canada.

“We’re looking forward to our move very much and are very grateful to be given this responsibility and opportunity,” says Sarah Kats, who will soon travel with her young family to the region – her first trip there ever. “We want to serve every Jew, no matter who or where.”

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