Wednesday, December 29, 2010

McMaster University: The New Jew U?

Most students move through their elementary school days to the local high school with a bit of familiarity. They take with them others they know, likely their friends and continue to forge an identity over the 12 year span. Once the high school days end a good part of that carefully crafted social identity falls away.

Constructing the balance between learning and socializing, starts to an extent from the beginning again. It can once more be a solo journey through the gates to higher learning in a post secondary college/university setting.

Richard Moline, Director of Koach, in his article Choosing a College writes,

"The college selection process, while opening doors to unparalleled growth and exploration, can also be very stressful and trying. Scores of books are published each year providing students and their parents with information on various schools... Most families explore these areas quite carefully while neglecting to consider the availability of any Jewish programming or community...

Frustrated, students may spend a miserable semester or year, or even find themselves transferring to another school where they might feel more comfortable being Jewish."

At McMaster University, Richard Moline has been heard and YES is the new answer to the critical questions:

Can I have both a great University experience while living in a Jewish friendly atmosphere?

Can I get an unbelievable university education while being who I am?

Is there a kosher food option?

Is there a community that will support my needs?

McMaster Center for Jewish Life. Coming fall 2011.

Stay tuned to this channel. A preview of new the center will be available soon.

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