Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hair donation story follow-up

Just before I left for vacation last month, I received a phone call from a woman who had read my article about Sonia Kafka.

Like many people who’ve cut and donated their long tresses, Sonia gave away two thick braids to be used for wigs for children who’ve lost their hair because of medical issues.

But her story has a unique twist. Sonia’s braids were cut 61 years ago when she was a 13-year-old immigrant, newly arrived in Toronto.

She’d kept the braids in a chocolate box and, when she came across it recently, was inspired to donate the hair, following the example of youngsters whose pictures she’d seen in The CJN.

The woman who called me said she had kept her own braids for 63 years, since she was eight years old. They were 17 inches long and still had little red ribbons on them, she added.

It never entered her mind that they might be of use to anyone else, but now she was seeking information about where she might donate them.

As it turns out, a friend of my mother’s who had also read the article had braids of her own, dating back to when she was a young teenager. She had kept them in tissue paper for well over 60 years – longer than either of the other two women – through moves from one city to another, and then a third.

She said she’ll be thrilled if someone can use them.

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