Friday, May 21, 2010

What day is it?

It may be Friday in the real world, but at The CJN, today is Monday. Also, this week, Tuesday was Friday, and Monday was Thursday.

Our schedule changed this week because we were closed for Shavuot the past two days, and also because we’re heading into Victoria Day weekend.

People sometimes ask if we’re publishing a paper the week of a Jewish holiday, not realizing that the work of putting together an issue is done the preceding week.

This week’s paper went to the printer at noon on Monday as usual, but next week’s paper had to be completed by noon today – which meant that our usual Thursday deadline, which applies to most stories, was moved up to Monday afternoon.

When my kids were younger, and I would tell them that Wednesday was actually Thursday at the office, they would joke that I worked at the Australian Jewish News.

Tempting thought, in the middle of winter. But in Sydney, this morning, it was 14 Celsius, and rainy. Here, Victoria Day promises to be hot (27) and sunny.

Someone told me yesterday that Shavuot is when it’s okay to start wearing summer clothes.

Whatever day it is, enjoy the seasonal weather – and the long weekend.

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