Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jews most targeted religious group in Canada: police

Police services across Canada recorded 1,036 incidents of hate-motivated crimes in 2008, with 165 of them targeting Jews.

Bernie Farber... “the numbers do not suggest Jews have something to worry about"

People of the Jewish faith were the single most targeted religious group, far eclipsing incidents involving Catholics (30 crimes) and Muslims (26 incidents), according to a report by by Statistics Canada that were released last week.


Anonymous said...

Why do Jews always have to see themselves as persecuted victims?
Blacks and Asians are far more visible minorities and more likely the target of attacks.

Jews always insist they are assimilated peoples, so how can a gentile determine who a Jew is in the absence of him wearing a comical hat?
Jewish attention seeking is tedious if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Eleanor ~

What would your reaction be if people called the feather bonnets of Natives "comical headgear"? Or the Fez and khaffiyah of some Muslims "comical"?
How about the caps of Afghanis? Are those "comical", too?

Your prejudice sticks out like a Blue Jay's baseball cap