Monday, June 28, 2010

Noam Katz - Rabbi, Musician and Dean

Hard news media seems to really be waking up to the fact that social media, used as a tool for the aggregation and dissemination of news and newsy material, is quickly becoming a go to source. Many are more easily connected now to Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry BBM's for more up-to-the-minute and up close visual coverage than they are to accessing a television set.
Recently, if not for a posting on the Union for Reform Judaism Camps Facebook page, and an announcement from the Foundation of Jewish Camps website, we would have missed out on hearing that a great artist and recently minted Reform rabbi from HUC (Hebrew Union College) Los Angeles, Noam Katz, has moved his family to Toronto.
Heebonics caught up with Katz, just after the 2009 URJ Biennial. Katz is known for leading crowds of people from teens to their 40's in traditional prayers and rhythms, inspired by Jewish communities around the world. When he was last here in Toronto, he played songs from his latest album A Drum in Hand in front of 3,500 people.

Here's a sample track Sim Shalom from his third studio album:

Starting this summer, he takes on a new dual position with Camp George and the Leo Baeck Day School, as the Dean of Jewish Living. His music – as Vicky Tobianah previously reported for us – has transcended barriers, making his audience feel like part of a global community. Now for our children, in his new capacity, he will undoubtedly and successfully, seamlessly blend together formal and experiential education.

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