Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shatner in top form at Toronto's Fan Expo

A delicate, magical mystical thing is a laugh according to star of stage and screen, icon William (Bill) Shatner. That's right Shmooze readers the man who made famous Captain James Tiberias Kirk, officer T.J. Hooker and most recently legendary fictional litigator Denny Crane descended upon Toronto, to the delight of many at this year's Fan Expo.

From this jovial Canadian treasure, you would never believe he considers getting a laugh to be brain-surgery. Shatner drew each belly laugh out of the crowd with ease at the Spotlight conducted by Space channel's Innerspace hosts Teddy Wilson and Ajay Frye. Vocal on all sorts of topics, we metaphorically travelled into Shatner's past along the road connecting Toronto to his childhood home in Montreal, (now labelled the Highway of Heroes) through the stories he recounted.

We then came back to present day with even more amusing anecdotes that had recently happened to him. Chief among the stories was the fiasco's that transpired at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Gretzky's delay in lighting the Olympic torch at the opening ceremonies and what preceded his ascent to the closing ceremony stage.

Shatner's comedic timing and delivery has been well recognized over the last ten years thanks to his brilliant portrayal as staunch conservative Republican and founding partner of Crane, Poole and Schmidt, Denny Crane on ABC's Boston Legal. In 2004 Shatner won an Emmy for the role David E. Kelly first introduced on "The Practice", before he spun off the characters of Denny Crane and James Spader's Alan Shore, to the all new Boston Legal spinoff . In 2005 Shatner won the Golden Globe and yet another Prime Time Emmy for the much loved Crane. He was subsequently nominated each year on from 2006 until the end of Boston Legal's run in 2009

Here he talks about what it was like bringing part of himself to the role and the freedom playing Denny Crane bestowed upon him.

With four projects currently on the go he is anything but slowing down. Shatner returns to situation comedy this fall on CBS's $#*! My Dad Says, in Shatner's Raw Nerve on the Bio channel, hosting "William Shatner's Weird or What" and in his behind the scenes series "Aftermath with William Shatner".

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