Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From your blogger on the Ground

With your permission, I want to share with you my thoughts in this tense time. You now these facts but...
We have just finished the happiest holiday in the Jewish calendar, Purim, it was an amazing fun time.  Unfortunately, in Israel there is a war brewing. Two weeks ago a beautiful family was butchered in their sleep, Udi, 36, his wife Ruth, 35, and their children Yoav, 11, Elad, 4 and Hadas, 3 months. Then last week, the south was bombed again, from Gaza. Many people have had to sleep in bomb shelters. Kids are having nightmares and people are terrified. When the sirens ring out there is roughly 15 seconds to run to a shelter. Today a bus in Jerusalem was bombed next to the central bus station where a woman was killed and forty others were injured.

So, what's going on???

From the moment of the birth of Israel - despite its incredible success -  this tiny state has fought enemies on all sides. They deny Israel its right to simply exist. With the bravery and sacrifice of its citizens, the brave army and with a lot of help from G-d, Israel not only survives, it flourishes.

The simple and short solution is, not to give in and show weakness to enemies and world "press". The cause of the terrorism that strikes us is from teaching the "education of violence" to children by Palestinians. Change the educational system and we will have an amazing life in Medinat Yisrael. Like Golda Meir said: Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.

We are a people who desire peace with our neighbours. We want to see an amicable end to the violence and bloodshed.

I have three amazing children, live in a nice community, appreciate what I have, and love so living in Israel so much. We are strong and will continue to be…

Please look into these YouTube short movies:
"Glenn Beck on Itamar Massacre"
Tamar Fogel, the 12-year-old who discovered her murdered family in Itamar, speaks out
Melanie Phillips on Israeli TV
shema Yisrael by Yossela and Atira Ote

References made from:
Textbooks in the Palestinian territories

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