Thursday, April 7, 2011

Technion Goes for Gold

Through the doors of the Park Hyatt hotel in midtown Toronto, on March 31, 250 young professionals assembled for the inaugural event from Generation Next.

Born out of a call to action by the The Canadian Technion Society young leadership division - specifically by Hershel Recht its National Development Director and Cheryl Koperwas, National Executive Director - the event As Good As Gold was a tremendous success. Its purpose was simply to deliver a message to all in attendance: Now more than ever it is imperative that each one of us give, if not in vast amounts our treasure to the Jewish cause of our choice then at least a part of our time and talent, to raise awareness of the organization or cause's good works.

The Technion, Israel's institute of technology is a leading Israeli educational institution. It stands at the forefront of the global network in the field of science an technology, playing a key role in advancing the country's infrastructure and its crucial defense.

The draw for the night was the opportunity to hear from one of Canada's leading philanthropists, businessmen and all around mensch, Seymour Schulich C.M. Schulich discussed his personal story and why he believes the future of Israel is dependent upon the graduates of the Technion. It is because of the Technion's aforementioned role on the world stage that Schulich chooses to give of his time, talent and once it was fully realized, a significant portion of his financial holdings.

Here is a little taste of how the keynote started off...

For more information on Canadian Friends of Technion University, Generation Next and how you can get involved click here.

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