Thursday, October 27, 2011

Disgruntled customers target RIM

Customers of Canadian tech giant Research In Motion (RIM) Ltd. are apparently still very outraged over the BlackBerry maker's global outage earlier this month. Device users in Canada and the United States have joined with the Consumer Law Group to file a class action lawsuit against the Waterloo, Ontario based company. The suit cites RIM's failure to directly compensate smartphone users who regularly pay their monthly data fees. An offer of $100 worth of preselected applications from the RIM's "App World" store did little to appease angry clients.

Fraught with product issues left and right, the class action suit was brought before Superior Court in Quebec on Oct. 26, on the heels of RIM announcing that their new PlayBook's 2.0 software will not be ready until sometime next year.

Will the judge have the people's best interests in mind? Guess it depends if he or she is a BlackBerry user too. What say you?


Anonymous said...

Is Mike Lazaridis Jewish? Jim Balsilie? The lawyers handling the lawsuit? Why is this on this blog?

The CJN said...

Hello Anonymous

Mike Lazaridis is indeed Jewish. The CJN has covered his accomplishments in the print paper

See: Israel honours RIM founder at Telecom Summit and RIM co-founder headlines Weizmann Canada gala.

Equally it seemed newsworthy to report on the company’s stumble.