Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mike Myers joins protest on Wall Street

The #Occupywallstreet march received celebrity support from new father and now American citizen Mike Myers. Born in Scarborough Ontario, Myers is best known for his international man of mystery Austin Powers, his animated alter ego Shrek, rocker Wayne Campbell of Wayne's World and stereotypical Jew Linda Richman on the Saturday Night Live sketch Coffee Talk. On camera Myers stated he arrived in the US with a Canadian dollar and a dream. He believes in capitalism and a level playing field between the rich and the downtrodden.

Hundreds of people will gather next in the heart of Toronto's financial district at Bay and King starting October 15. Preparations will be made for the march to commence October 17 as the Toronto Stock Exchange begins its trading for the week. Occupy Wall Street will then be entering its third week and at present shows no sign of slowing down. These are troubling times indeed for the United States as they move into a major election year, with big decisions ahead to be made.

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