Thursday, May 31, 2012

Emmanuelle Chriqui on genre series work

Canadian actress Emmanuelle Chriqui is immersing herself in yet another groundbreaking series.

While known most notably for her role as Sloan on Entourage – that series was a fictional look at the life of an emerging Hollywood star and his friends – Chriqui has been cast alongside top performers in an all-new animated offering from Disney.

Tron Uprising, premiering June 7 and running for 18 episodes on Disney XD, is set between the events of the original feature film and the 2011 blockbuster followup, Tron Legacy. Beck, a young program, voiced by Elijah Wood, is destined to become the next top renegade of the computer world known as "The Grid". Trained by its past champion Tron, Beck will soon lead a revolution against the villainous Clu and main protagonist General Tesler.

In a press conference for the series first season, Chriqui who voices Paige, the general's young field commander, says she treated the role as if it were a live-action program. While not plugged into the world of science fiction, she could not help but be drawn in by the script and the journey each character was set to embark upon, she told the press at a series launch interview.

Chriqui and Wood will also be joined vocally by the likes of Bruce Boxleitner, who portrayed Tron in both theatrical releases, as well as Mandy Moore and Lance Henriksen.

This is the in-between feature filler Tron fans won't want to miss.