Thursday, May 24, 2012

When all has been said about Shavuot

Compared to most other holidays on the Jewish calendar, Shavuot is perhaps one of the dullest ritually speaking.

Consuming dairy products, hardly stacks up against the symbols and rituals associated with the High Holidays, such as blowing the shofar and listening to the familiar strains of Kol Nidre, or Passover, when we recall the Exodus from Eqypt and spend eight days eating matzah.

Last year The CJN's Rabbi Michael Stavsky discussed the Tikun Leil Shavuot – the custom of studying Torah all night and the recitation of the tikun composition – which for many is the most difficult Shavuot custom to observe.

After all the readings have been exhausted and the mind needs a rest check out Jewish Humor Central where among their posts you'll find this scene from Mel Brooks' classic film History of the World - Part 1. In it Brooks, playing Moses, gives us his explanation of how we ended up with "only" 10 commandments. Enjoy!

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